This is a long-distance race, a marathon, rather than a sprint, so do not forget those small but constant spiritual activities that will strengthen those important spiritual muscles. If we want to increase our faith, then let's do things that require faith.
Juan Pablo Villar

- Juan Pablo Villar - Today Quotes

Just as reading and learning about muscles is not enough to build muscle, reading and learning about faith without adding action is insufficient to build faith.
Juan Pablo Villar

- Juan Pablo Villar - Today Quotes
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Many of you are mothers. You are responsible for the nurture and upbringing of your children. When you grow old and your hair turns white, you will not ask about the fancy clothes you once wore, the cars you drove, or the large house in which you lived. Your burning question will be, "How have my children turned out?"
If they have turned out well, you will be grateful. If otherwise, there will be only small consolation for you.
Gordon B. Hinckley

- Gordon B. Hinckley - Today Quotes

None of us should be defined only by the worst thing we have ever done. God is the perfect judge. He sees beneath the surface. He knows all and sees all.
Kevin R. Duncan

- Kevin R. Duncan - Today Quotes