five minutes

Many years ago, I took the Scouts on a campout in the desert. The boys slept by a large fire they had made, and like every good Scout leader, I slept in the back of my truck. In the morning when I sat up and looked at the campsite, I saw one Scout, whom I will call Paul, who looked particularly rough around the edges. I asked how he had slept, and he replied, "Not very well."
When I asked why, he said, "I was cold; the fire went out."
I answered, "Well, fires do that. Wasn't your sleeping bag warm enough?"
No answer.
Then one of the other Scouts loudly volunteered, "He didn't use his sleeping bag."
I asked in disbelief, "Why not, Paul?"
Silence-then finally the sheepish reply: "Well, I thought if I didn't unroll my sleeping bag, I wouldn't have to roll it up again."
True story: he froze for hours because he was trying to save five minutes of work. We may think, "How foolish! Who would ever do that?" Well, we do it all the time in much more dangerous ways.
Gary B. Sabin

- Gary B. Sabin - Today Quotes