what you do after making the decisions

In many cases, the decisions you make may not be as important as what you do after making the decisions.
For example, a couple may choose to get married even though some in their own families do not consider them a perfect match. However, I have great hope for such a couple if, after they make their decision, they stay totally committed to each other and to the Lord with all their heart and mind. By treating each other with love and kindness and by focusing on one another's emotional, spiritual, and temporal needs-by doing the little things consistently-they become the perfect match.
In contrast is the couple who think they picked the "perfect" person and then assume that all the heavy lifting is over. If they quit courting each other, stop communicating one-on-one, and slide into egotism and a self-centered life, this couple is on a path that leads to sorrow and regret.
The same principle applies to vocational choices. I have great hope for those who pick a less prestigious occupation but who do the best they can and find ways to make their work interesting and challenging.
I have less hope for those who choose impressive-sounding occupations but along the way lose that inner fire necessary to make them successful at their work. In fact, successfully adapting to changes in the workplace will be one of the prime attributes your generation will have to develop to cope with the future.
Dieter F. Uchtdorf

- Dieter F. Uchtdorf - Today Quotes