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What is popular is not always what is best. Halting between two opinions brings no direction. Convenience rarely leads to things that matter. Fixation on a single voice or issue can impair our ability to see. And relying solely upon our own thinking can lead us into a hyperintellectual stupor of thought.
David P. Homer

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We can see adequately with only one eye, but the second eye provides us with another perspective. When both perspectives are put together in our brains, they produce a three-dimensional image of our surroundings.
Mathias Held

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The important thing is that you don't give up; keep trying to get it right. You will eventually become better, happier, and more authentic.
Dieter F. Uchtdorf

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We should realize that a good marriage does not require a perfect man or a perfect woman. It only requires a man and a woman committed to strive together toward perfection.

Dallin H. Oaks

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In other situations, when our worthy desires are not granted in the way we had hoped, it may actually be for our ultimate benefit.
Brook P. Hales

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Having faith means we trust God even when we don't know all the answers.

- Liahona - Today Quotes

Instead of focusing on changing the entire world, focus on changing your little corner of it.

- Liahona - Today Quotes

God loves you. Even when you're having a bad hair day, He loves you-with all of your strengths, weaknesses, questions, and hopes.

- Liahona - Today Quotes

I believe that when we focus on a few basic objectives, we are more likely to be able to manage the many demands that life makes on us. Remember, too much of anything in life can throw us off-balance. At the same time, too little of the important things can do the same thing.
M. Russell Ballard

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If we want to increase our faith, then let's do things that require faith.
Juan Pablo Villar

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